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the sarian story
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The Sarian Story

Dr Bill Sarian states after listening to people for over 47 years, “People need choice and greater freedom in terms of how they live”.

As you look forward, and prepare for your later years, will you really want to move again? Of course not! Golf Shore is unique as an active adult village, since our community includes continuing care residences with the full range of services you may need later on.

“Keep Your Companions”

That means you’ll be able to remain in the community you’ve come to call home, among friends you care for and enjoy the comfort of knowing you have the freedom to choose your level of care as your needs increase.

I know how people over 55 feel when it comes to looking for a lifestyle upgrade because my wife Stella and I spent hundreds of hours researching what other companies were doing. It was difficult to find one that matched the same level of amenities and individual lifestyle features of Golf Shore.

I have been a developer for 32 years and medical doctor for 47 years. I was introduced to the retirement village industry from working in residential care for 15 years and by doing research in the industry with my wife Stella Sarian. We discovered a better way for people over 55 to live life to the fullest in their mature adult years.

After discovering the amazing research by American doctors we got really excited by the results they were getting to enhance the life of adults and the young at heart. I did my own research and I was convinced and amazed at the same time. My conclusion is that you can add years to your life by living in the right community with the right lifestyle health program. This is the type of programme we will be implementing at Golf Shore.

In fact, it’s why we put the concept to the local Council in that manner and attitude . After 2.5 years of hard work the Council ended up loving it. They held a vote and all 13 Councillors raised their hands to give us the approval to build the resort for people over 55 in Sydney’s northwest. That was our reward as I always believe in scientific facts and being genuine.

I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a great village for people over 55. Stage 1 of the release will probably sell out very quickly because of the high demand for this one of a kind resort for people over 55.

The residents are going to love it and want to live there for the rest of their lives. It’s going to feel like being on a holiday everyday and it’s going to give them greater freedom to live a better life. But we can only take on a limited amount of couples or individuals for Stage 1. We want to build this as soon as possible because we want to live an active life in a comfortable and vibrant community close to our family.

When the word got out everyone wanted to know about it and we have been receiving many enquires from people who want to know more information about this unique lifestyle resort. You can as well be part of it by visiting or Call Free 1800 772 473

So as an contribution to the over 55 market we are going to build it to be one of the best in its field.

We are recognised as one of Australia’s leading experts in the management of communities for residents 55 and over. In fact we are among a few people who are going to implement such a unique Active life health and wellness program. And because it’s a family business with a proven village management team and a doctor who has specialised in residential care for 15 years we can provide individual living services based on the residents unique needs and preferences. With our family approach we can provide a more individual specialised lifestyle.

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