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No doubt you’ve spent much of your life taking care of others’ needs. Isn’t it time that someone took care of you?

Life at Golf Shore can be as easy as living in a luxury resort, with comprehensive services to meet all your daily needs. Many of these are complementary, provided to every resident as a right. Other services are available for a discounted fee.

Here are just some of the ways we take care of you every day at Golf Shore…

Maintenance and Housekeeping

Are you weary of maintaining a home? At Golf Shore, friendly and skillful staff will look after your property for you — inside and out. Handyman services, housekeeping, laundry, dry cleaning… It can all be covered, worry-free. We even deliver your mail and newspapers.

Gourmet Food

You may love preparing food— or you may be glad to have someone else do the cooking for you. At Golf Shore, the choice is always yours thanks to our world-class dining service available for three meals a day.

Easy Transport

A luxury bus service is on hand to take you to all the nearby shopping, entertainment, sports and medical amenities. We also provide transportation for special outings and group events.

Onsite Medical

For peace of mind, it’s important to know that you have medical care immediately at hand. On-site nursing care is available 24-hours a day, and we provide both on- and off-site emergency response at the press of a call button or pendant. A general practitioner, dentist, podiatrist, optometrist and physiotherapist visit our dedicated medical rooms weekly and by appointment if required. Your own doctor is welcome to come and see you in our consulting rooms and facilities as well on request. For added convenience, we have a complete pharmacy on site.


Our residents place a high value on security, and we meet their concerns with the highest level of community protection. 24-hour security ensures you have no worries, whether you’re enjoying your home or you’re away on holiday.

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