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your time. your life.: Living Young. Living Active.

Living Young. Living Active.

What Does “Active” Mean To You?

As Australia’s premier community for active adults, Golf Shore provides unparalleled opportunities to live your life to the fullest.

New scientific research delivers an unmistakable message. Staying active in the right community of peers prolongs life and health. But “active” can mean different things to different people.

At Golf Shore, we are passionate about your freedom to choose, so you’ll only ever engage in pursuits that please you. For some, golf is their greatest source of happiness. For others, it’s continuing education. For you it may be enjoying a game of bowls in your own bowling ground, learning a new craft, healthy exercise, playing chess, or developing your computer skills.

You may be someone who prefers to be alone, comforted by the knowledge that friendly people are all around. Or perhaps you love to party, laughing together over a deck of cards, competing at shuffleboard or just sharing drinks at the bar.

For many active adults, fulfillment comes from donating their wisdom and skills to those in need, or even starting a new career. For others, this is a time to kick back and relax after years of work and sacrifice.

Whatever your ideal lifestyle, you’ll find all the resources, encouragement and companions you need at Golf Shore.

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