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your time. your life.
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Your Time. Your Life.

At last it’s your time…  to live the way you want… to choose the place you call home… to be surrounded by like-minded friends…

It’s time to experience greater freedom, and to find a little more security. It’s time to revel in a lively community, and to value your privacy.

In a word, it’s time to consider a move to Golf Shore — the ultimate lifestyle community for active adults like you.

For the next few minutes, as you browse through these pages, picture yourself as a proud new resident of Golf Shore. See yourself in a gracefully designed home with spectacular golf course views. Imagine chatting with friends in the community clubhouse, entertaining your family at home, Visiting nearby shops, or sitting quietly with a book.

In your mind’s eye, take a dip in our pool and spa or get fit in our state-of-the-art gym. Stroll into our library, sample the menu in our gourmet dining room and relax in our friendly coffee lounge. Watch your choice of movies in our full screen cinema with friends.

While you let these pictures form, enjoy knowing that the little things of life can be taken care of, like housekeeping, gardening, maintenance, security and even cooking and ironing (if you choose) And feel the confidence that expert medical help is instantly at hand whenever you need it.

That’s life at Golf Shore, where the spirit of friendship thrives in surroundings of breathtaking beauty.

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